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Stainless Steel Modular Wall Systems

Our stainless steel insulated modular wall system provides separation between lab areas and service space. The versatile modular design offers many advantages.

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Supply Products
• Print paper
* Door gaskets
• Sterilizer print out records envelops
• Sterility assurance indicators
• Biological indicators

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Model 500 Series Sterilizers

Designed for use in any industrial, laboratory, research or surgical setting. The sterilizer chamber and vertical sliding door are constructed of non-corrosive stainless steel. The complete unit is enclosed in easily removable stainless steel panels. The Y2K compliant microprocessor control utilizes various processes to sterilize agars, medias, instruments, glassware, food, bedding, fermenters, liquids, shoeboxes, biohazardous wastes, etc.

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BioSAFE / WR2 Tissue Digestor™

Effectively and reliably destroys infectious animal carcasses and inactivates prions. This technology was written into European Law as a method of disposing of Mad Cow Disease animal waste and all other categories
of animal by-product wastes and is used successfully worldwide.

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BetterBuilt® T200 Series Tunnel Washer
* Energy Saving Features and Options
* Oversized Debris Filters, Side Mounted for Easy Access
* 48" Long Pre-wash Section
* Solid Side Access Doors
* Spray Jet Manifolds utilize "Positive Mechanical    Connection"
* Quiet Operation

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