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Modular Wall Systems

Our Modular Wall systems are designed to form the wall barrier between clean and dirty sides
or lab space to service area. They typically enclose industrial lab equipment such as sterilizers
and washers. The surfaces are a hearty stainless steel material, built to stand up to the harsh, wet
working lab environment.

An Avant Garde Product

Avant Garde modular wall panels are manufactured to precise specifications utilizing state-of-the-art equipment designed specifically for the manufacture of high efficiency panels.

The interior and exterior stainless steel surfaces are uniformly fabricated in a range of gauges. The metal is precision formed; the long side of each piece is roll formed to a 90º form with an additional 90º return for maximum strength; the end of each panel is die formed to 90 degrees.

The metal panel surfaces, with gasket fitted to the end, are placed in a fixture for foaming, which is built to the exact size of the finished panel. The edges of these foaming fixtures are built to heavy aluminum extrusions, which serve to mold the foam edges to an exact tongue and groove configuration.

Cam lock sets are mounted on these rail molds in order to have locks properly located in the finished panel without attachment to either interior or exterior metal surface.
With metal locks in place, the temperature controlled fixtures are sealed under high pressure.

Polyurethane foam is injected into the sealed cavity by mixing two liquid components at a high pressure using a high impingement mixing process. The foam reacts chemically, expands to fill the full cavity at an even and controlled high density per cubic foot. When the reaction is complete, the foam is rigid and has a high structural strength.

Panels are then removed from the fixture, cooled and combined with other panels similarly manufactured to give the specified wall panel configuration. Each panel is built to exact size and the insulating polyurethane is uniform at a density, which has been determined to be the most efficient including the panel edges.
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